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If you have a product or service that’s setup and ready to be sold online, then you know your next step is organic and paid digital promotion. Paid digital promotion is essential in the growth stages, but oftentimes a growing business like yourself can find that expense overbearing. That’s where we come in - we’re the full-scale digital marketing agency that monetarily invests into your digital promotion so that you can hit the ground running without having to raise additional capital.


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Besides organic methods, our team covers all aspects of paid marketing; from Google to Facebook, Amazon to Bing, eBay to Affiliates, GroupOn to Instagram…the list continues, and we cover it all. Our team is comprised of specialists for each individual paid platform that are lead by expert managers, all of whom have managed and spent millions of dollars in paid digital advertising.


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  • In February of 2017, PatchMD did $108,517 in online retail sales with no allotment of capital towards digital advertising spend. The next month, in March of 2017, PatchMD assigned Idea Vessel $5,000 for purposes of digital advertising spend; PatchMD slowly increased that figure over each of the next nine months until it was spending on average $60,000 per month in digital advertising spend. In November of 2017, PatchMD did $486,920 in online retail sales, nearly 4.5x what it did in February just nine months earlier.


  • Prior to working with our talent, this fitness equipment provider was doing about $50K USD per month ($600K annually) in equipment sales, mainly from B2C ‘one-off’ situations. After working with our team for one year with a core focus on Google and Bing Paid Advertising Search and Search Engine Optimization, GYMPROS broke the $2M annual net profit mark, bagging larger deals with better margins.


  • This beauty company came to us wishing to increase their online presence; while they were already having success in retail stores like Whole Foods, they wanted to create digital sales. Our team ran a highly optimized campaigns for Google Shopping, Amazon, Bing, Facebook, and Affiliates programs, driving hickey-stick growth in a matter of eight months. Online sales started at zero and within eight months hit the $1.2M USD mark.


  • Descente came to us already having a beautiful website, but lacking many proper conversion elements and any real optimization for the various digital search engines. After several months of our team optimizing AdWords, Facebook, and SEO, these channels all exploded during their busy season, leading to a massive spike in online sales. To contrast, during their previous busy season (Oct. 2016 - March 2017), Descente had $250K USD in online sales; the following busy season with our team, Descente hit well above projections and netted $2.7M USD in online retail sales. This was over a 10x increase in overall sales and reached a Return on Ad Spend of 7.5x across Facebook and Google.


  • While Men Essentials was experiencing steady growth online, each channel had room for significant improvement. All accounts were rebuilt with hyper segmentation and targeting, leading to a a much more succinct effort. After four months of working together, average click costs decreased by 57%, total sales increased by 250%, and average cost-per-acquisition cost decreased by 81%. Sales went from $57K USD per month to $142K USD per month, with significant expansion into the Canadian market.


  • Honeyfund received funding from Kevin O’leary (of Shark Tank) and had great branding, but did not rank well for their most sought after keywords. After working with our SEO over the course of six months, Honeyfund achieved top rankings on keywords like ‘honeymoon registry’ and ‘honeymoon fund’. This led to more than a 60% increase in organic traffic over the course of six months and an almost 50% increase in sales volume.



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